For us, in the world of ‘i Love Dyslexia’, Social Responsibility lies at the heart of our culture and daily operations, being pivotal and at the same time deeply connected to our organisation’s strategic growth.

Excellence, responsibility, volunteering for contribution, sharing out our spirit and our innovative knowledge, respect and deep solidarity, have always been and still are the elements characterising our relationships with our partners, the global educational community, our students, and society as a whole. Pro-bono trainings on ILD’s innovative teaching methods to thousands of educators in Greece and abroad, ILD cultural events under the auspices of UNESCO’s Greek National Committee to support the refugee populations’ right to education, collaborations with key organisations aiming to promote education for Peace globally, as well as innovative social entrepreneurship programmes, through which we support small enterprises who join us in our vision for uplifting education are some of the actions that are consistent with the ethos and philosophy of ILD.

We are devoted and focused on effectively and dynamically contributing to all who, directly or indirectly, are affected by our activity, through the benefit of quality education. It is a commitment we have consciously undertaken from the very first day of operation and which we serve with love, consistency and vision for the uplifting of Greek and global society through the benefit of virtuous education serving global sustainability in the 21st century.