The process of course designing for each student in ILD consists of five interrelated steps. The management of personal data and information is confidential and operates under the permission of Data Protection Authority.

Step 1: Meeting with Parents
Information is obtained about the family profile and the student's special educational needs (SEN) and general behaviors from birth to present.

Step 2: Meeting with the Student
Besides the evaluation of the student's special educational needs, emphasis is given on the assessment and exploration of the his/her learning style, capabilities and assets, as well as the level of his English language readiness. In addition, the student is provided with valuable knowledge to enrich his/her self-awareness as far as dyslexia and SEN are concerned.

Step 3: Meeting with the SEN Teacher and the Parents
Parents are informed about the results of the assessment and the individualized intervention program for English language learning designed for the child, based on the results of the information acquired. The program is implemented in collaboration with the parents, who are often provided with specific instructions and guidelines.

Step 4: Student's integration in class and workshops
Students work individually or in pairs in the classroom, depending on their needs. In case of a pair, students are taught through common tools but each one follows a specific personalized training program. On account of this, there is joint and individual multisensory practice that allows each student to use different means, material and technological support to meet his own distinct needs and achieve his objectives. In the holistic workshops students have the opportunity to access EFL through art and experiential group projects, cultivating at the same time their social-emotional well-being and their life skills.

Step 5: Continuous update and guidance
Occasionally, the teaching objectives and the means of achieving them are adjusted to the new needs of the student. If it is considered necessary, further consultative meetings with the parents are arranged to ensure the maximum results for the students.

Finally, ILD consultants are in constant collaboration with the teachers and other professionals who are working with the student, so as to ensure that the intervention programme is implemented successfully.