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Aggeliki Pappa is a Visionary Edu-Inventor, Teacher Trainer, Edu-Preneur Humanitarian Activist in the UN, Researcher, Author & a TEdx Influencer Speaker, teaching to more than 20 Countries globally, teaching with physical presence. She is the Founder & Head Director of Studies of “i love dyslexia” EFL-ESL School, (ILD, 2009) in Athens, Greece, the 1st Organization & Method globally for EFL-FL teaching to students with dyslexia and SEN & President of 3Dlexia Cosmos NPO for Transformative Pedagogy for a Sustainable Earth through her pioneering 3Dlexia Paradigm.

ILD has been nominated for UNESCO Hamdan Prize, is included in the Top 10 innovations in ‘Greece Innovates’ by Eurobank & SEV. ILD and 3Dlexia Cosmos have been endorsed and presented through OECD,UΝ,UNESCO, Microsoft USA & numerous prestigious organizations and universities. Aggeliki’s work has received world-class global recognition and more than 42 awards, including being for 2 consecutive times in the Top 50 Educators in the World for the 1 Million dollars 'Nobel' Prize in Education, the Global Teacher Prize, 2016 & 2107, Winner of Europe of the British Council UK for the UK Alumni Awards 2018 Social Impact Category, in the 3 Finalists of the Entrepreneurial Category of the UK Alumni Awards, by the British Council Greece, 2017, and in the 3 Women in Science, in Greece, 2017. Aggeliki Pappa has reached official agreements/collaborations with Ministries of Education in seven countries: Tucuman/Argentina, Kazan/Russia, UAE, Cyprus, Indonesia, Greece, Turkey and is a scientific consultant and visiting speaker in Folkuniversitetet, Upsala Sweden  and Kazan Innovative University, Russia.

Aggeliki's humanitarian SOS4Love Project & 3Dlexia 4English Method has reached more than 1.5 million actors  and 650.000 students in the Public Education of Argentina & Cyprus & are spread to more than 66 countries globally, receiving the Diana Award by Princess Diana Foundation UK and the European Charlamagne Youth Prize 2021, Greece by the European Parliament & the Charlemagne Academy. Ms Pappa’s free Edu-Apps 'SOS4love Goes to Space SDGs' & '3Dlexia MindMaps have been downloaded & used in more than 135 countries and her pioneering 3Dlexia Paradigm & 3Dlexia 4English Method in EFL-ESL teaching for typical students and students with dyslexia & SEN have been included in the OECD Report 2018 'Teaching for the Future', Chapter 1 & have been spread to more than 40 countries globally supporting millions of students. '3Dlexia Capsule Methodology' has been implemented to the Public Education of Argentina with an official protocol with the Ministry of Education of Tucuman, supporting inclusive and transformative education for more than Half a Million students in Tucuman. In 2021, UNESCO Paris endorsed 3Dlexia Paradigm by Ms Aggeliki Pappa and in collaboration with 3Dlexia Cosmos and “i love dyslexia” EFL School  in leading role, it will be further developed through an UNESCO FLL “Futures Literacy Laboratory” for Transformative Pedagogy for Sustainability and Higher Love for a New Earth of Peace for 2022.

In 2020, Aggeliki got selected in the 1st 500 Candidate Citizen Astronauts in the history of humanity to go to Space for humanitarian reasons, by Space For Humanity Organization, USA.  Aggeliki’ s passion and mission is to support a stigma-free, inclusive education for all and the creation of a Pioneering Consciousness based Edu-Paradigm, rooted in cutting edge science of Heart-Mind coherence & the social interpretations of Quantum Mechanics Theory in life, supporting #Pedagogy4love for a New Earth of Peace, Sustainability and Prosperity for All.