The philosophical framework behind the design of ILD lies on the need for new ideas and teaching approaches that could shape and develop each individual student's personality and cognition. In this sense, ILD facilities are designed to create an educational setting, able to 'teach' and 'inspire' students, teachers and parents, covering their multifaceted needs.

The objective of ILD is to design an interactive environment that acts as a three-dimensional 'tool' for learning. The sense of calmness, purity and balance of Scandinavian character emitted in the atmosphere, combined with subversive ideas that emphasize the quality and structure of the courses, is an amalgamation that excites young and old.

The balance of colors, shapes and materials combined with the most advanced interactive technology, stimulates a sense of productive curiosity and the need for creative educational engagement. Curved forms, light, colors, materials and music stimulate an atmosphere of joy and promote the desire for learning and personal empowerment.