The '3Dlexia' Paradigm applied in ILD created and developed by Mrs. Aggeliki Pappa, is based on international and innovative educational standards. It is original in its nature, as it stimulates and evolves the cultivation and active participation of Heart brain-Head brain-Hands(body) brain united, throughout the educational experience in ILD, for the development of the whole being of all students. It applies a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that utilizes multi-sensory, project based and differentiated teaching instruction techniques in addition to new technologies, neuroscience, mindfulness and shelf awareness sessions as well as creative collaborative indoor and outdoors EFL workshops. The main tools used to teach all different literacy and language skills of EFL are original and created by Mrs. Aggeliki Pappa. Our ultimate goal is the cultivation of creative minds and virtuous souls, the acquisition of EFL language enabling our students to develop an international, global voice, the empowerment of our students in all school subjects as ILD '3Dlexia' Paradigm applies everywhere, as well as the strengthening of study and life skills to prepare our students cope successfully with the demands of the 21st century.

The ILD learning program of studies applied is a combination of appropriate teaching techniques, original handmade tools and specialized software and augmented reality tools for interactive whiteboards and ipads. It is organic in nature, so it is renewed, updated and amended as necessary to meet the needs of each student individually.

Our priority is through our EFL program, to unveil and release all the best in our students, strengthen their needs and lead them discover their gifts and personal happiness, so as to cultivate and offer them for the benefit of all.