I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide
the conditions in which they can learn.

The inspirational words of Albert Einstein and Aristotle's: 'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all', have helped lay the foundations of the teaching philosophy in 'i love dyslexia' (ILD) EFL School. The big vision of ILD through the successful learning of English, is each student with dyslexia and special educational needs (SEN) to experience not only success in the foreign language acquiring a Global voice and Global identity, so crucial for the the 21st century, but also personal empowerment and self-awareness, necessary of his happiness, success and personal growth.

In 2009, when there was NOT a single course in European Union and globally highly specialized in EFL-FL and dyslexia, the English as Foreign Language Teacher - Special Educator, researcher, author and teachers' trainer Mrs. Aggeliki Pappa looked ahead. After years of personal dedication in academic research and innovative practice devoted to her students' right to develop a global voice and identify, she founded the first and only highly specialized, innovative educational organisation internationally, aiming to develop the skill of a Global EFL voice and identity to its students (children, adolescents, adults) with dyslexia and other special educational needs (SEN) in a holistic way, as well as to support teachers and contribute in the research and development of this new and almost unexplored field of studies, supporting millions of educators and learners all around the world.